What level of humidity do you have in your home?


  • Recommended Relative Humidity 35%-45%
  • Sahara Desert 25%
  • Death Valley 23%
  • Average Heated Home 13%-16%


Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?


  • Dry nose, throat, and itchy skin.
  • Static electricity.
  • Winter allergies.
  • Damage to your home and furnishing from dryness and shrinkage.
  • High heating bills.


A whole house humidifier can help.




A whole house humidifier consists of 2 parts: a humidifier and a humidistat. The humidifier is mounted on your supply or return duct work near the furnace or air handler. A nearby water line is taped into with an adjustable saddle valve to bring water into the humidifier. The humidistat is adjustably set to a desired humidity level within the home. When the humidity level falls below this desired level, it activates the humidifier when the furnace blower is on. The water is dispersed over a distribution tray which directs the water to flow evenly across a water panel and finally into a drain. The water panel helps collect minerals and solid residues produced by hard water which otherwise would be distributed throughout the house as white dust. The remaining minerals and residues are flushed down a drain and out of the system to prevent malfunction of the equipment and the production of white dust in the home. The dry air from your home is then forced through the wetted panel and the now-humidified air carrying water as a vapor is distributed throughout the home.

Certified Air Serviceshas been installing and servicing whole house humidifiers for years. The principle behind a whole house humidifier is simple: Humidity is added to the dry air coming from your heating system and distributed throughout your home through ventilation ducts. Simply set the humidistat to a comfortable level, and the humidifier will automatically adjust the humidity level. It's an easy, effective way to distribute humidified air to every room in your home. For approximately $15 to $20 a season, you can gain relief of the dreaded, uncomfortable symptoms caused by dry air. You will also protect your home and furnishings from damaging shrinkage due to dryness. You might even see a savings on your heating bill because moist air feels warmer than dry air, so you can turn down your thermostat and save money.

Certified Air Services only carries and installs the best quality and technologically advanced products in the industry. We carry the complete lines of whole house humidifiers manufactured by Aprilaire, Carrier and Honeywell. With such a large selection to choose from, you can be assured we will recommend the humidifier that will provide the optimum humidity levels to increase your personal comfort and preserve your home and furnishings.