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  • Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, Certified Air Services, Inc. can provide the clean air solutions that improve quality of life and environment for your tenants, employees, and family.

Residential Heating & Air Conditioning Services

When you need a qualified heating and air conditioning company to restore comfort in your home quickly and affordably, get Certified.

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Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Services

We are Southern California's most trusted commercial heating and air conditioning repair, service and installation company.

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Industrial Air Pollution Control

We specialize in air pollution controls and compliance for industrial applications such as manufacturing facilities and machine shops.

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Worry-Free Compliance and Quality Standards

Certified Air Services has over 39 years of experience in residential/commercial heating and air conditioning, industrial air pollution controls, and dust collection services. We can help your facility meet and exceed current ambient air quality standards (AAQS) and regulations to ensure the best quality air is being delivered.

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