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Commercial Services

Family Owned

Certified Air Services, Inc. is a commercial heating and air conditioning company dedicated to optimal energy efficiency and excellent customer service.

We are a family-owned, client-focused business that specializes in in the sales, service, installation and repair of commercial HVAC systems.

Since 2002, we have partnered with our clients to deliver a streamlined solution that help control costs and optimize energy usage at their facilities. We specialize in commercial air conditioning sales, installation, repair and maintenance.

Realize Peak Efficiency

Certified Air Services provides service and maintenance solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Let our team of commercial heating and cooling experts develop a preventative maintenance program that will cut operational costs and maximize efficiency at your facility. The benefits of a personalized preventative maintenance program include:
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lifetime of equipment extended
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced likelihood of more costly emergency repairs
  • Improved tracking of equipment repairs/service history

We also offer more comprehensive maintenance programs that cover labor and material. Contact us for more information, or to schedule a free on-site consultation.

Heating & Air Conditioning
Climate control can be challenging, different temperature requirements throughout the office, personal preferences amongst the staff and equipment needs. It is not always a one size fits all answer. Let’s look at your office and review the best options.
Keeping your staff comfortable can help productivity, it may not need to be the entire warehouse, just a smaller area where your staff spends much of the time. Your product line may also need to be climate controlled. Have us stop by for a free consultation.
Warehouse Temperature Control
Maintenance Plans
Maintaining your HVAC system is crucial, the down time and structure damage that can happen from a simple dirty filter can become expensive. Along with efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind. We will tailor a maintenance program specifically to your facility.
A typical Heating and Air Conditioning system recycles approximately 85% of the air while it is operating. Proper cleaning of the air and the correct amount of air changes can be crucial to the health of your staff. There are many options to address this concern.
Air Quality
Those hot and stuffy afternoons in your facility can wear on your staff and slow down productivity, sometimes all you need is a simple exhaust fan to provide some much-needed fresh air.
General Building Ventilation
Certified Technicians

We are a full-service heating and air conditioning company with a staff of dedicated service technicians. Our team can service and repair all makes and models of commercial equipment. They are all highly trained in the latest air quality standards and best practices.  Furthermore, they care about your air. Their goal is to develop a lasting relationship with you and your equipment to deliver the best service and solutions.

Whether you need to optimize efficiency with a preventative maintenance program, or update outdated equipment, or improve air quality to meet current safety regulations, we can help.