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Industrial Duct Cleaning

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Is Industrial Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Industrial duct cleaning can be very crucial.
Duct Cleaning Process
  • We will start the cleaning at each branch line and work back through the main ducts.
  • Typically, the dust collector will be utilized to pull the loosened material and the bins will be cleaned out as needed throughout the process.
  • We have several cleaning methods and materials we use depending on the application.
  • Industrial duct cleaning is extremely valuable in the Air Pollution Control Industry.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning AFTER

Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air Duct Cleaning provides several benefits to a home.
Be aware of Bait and Switch!

Proper Duct cleaning takes on average 4 plus hours depending on the size of the home, there is no such thing as a $49.00 duct cleaning.

Home Safety

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Yes, this is very important and should be performed annually. NFPA and Consumer Reports state more than 10,000 fires per year from fires caused by Dryers.

You may notice your Dryer not performing as well as it used to, taking too long or requiring a second dry cycle. Although there are several reasons this could be happening, very often it is a restricted vent system.

clothes dryer

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Is Commercial Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Air Duct Cleaning can provide several benefits to a commercial building. Here are some FAQs.
Duct Cleaning Process
  • We remove each register and clean them. (There are a few occasions that removing the register may cause damage to the paint job. We will discuss options with the customer at that time)
  • Connect our Vacuum system with Hepa filtration to the equipment at two locations so we do not pull the dust through the equipment or coils.
  • Clean each individual duct back to the unit.
  • Seal the ducts to the walls, ceilings or floors as needed with caulking.
  • Reinstall the registers.
Industrial Duct Cleaning BEFORE Industrial Duct cleaning AFTER