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Certified Air Services is an industrial air pollution control company that specializes in dust collection services for manufacturing facilities, machine shops, and most other general use facilities. 

For over thirty seven years, we’ve been designing, installing, and maintaining air quality control systems for mission-critical industrial facilities throughout California.  Our innovative products and strategies help these facilities meet current OSHA and NFPA requirements, reduce energy costs, improve air quality, and maximize ROI.

Keep dust from becoming a safety hazard or visibility concern. We offer a full line of high-performance dust collectors that will improve productivity and the quality of your work environment.

For a larger filtering space area per CFM and fine dust applications, a cartridge dust collector gets the job done. These replace the bag method of collection with a pleated cartridge filter.

When it comes to mist collection, only one name matters. SmogHog. The SmogHog was the first to use electrostatic precipitator technology (ESP) for wet pollutant collection and is unmatched in efficiency and long-term ROI.

A swing arm source capture collector prevents smoke,  dust, fumes and other airborne pollutants from spreading.

We offer a wide variety of wet and dry vacuum collection systems that meet or exceed current OSHA, SCAQMD and NFPA standards.


We provide a full line of high-performance wet, mist, and dust collectors as well as vacuum systems and source capture collectors to optimize the production process. These industrial-strength solutions not only minimize the impact of emissions on the planet, your equipment, and your workers. They provide worry-free compliance and control technologies that maximize ROI and safety at your facility.

We provide service and repair of all makes and models of industrial air pollution control equipment and vacuum systems. Our team of knowledgable technicians are available to respond promptly to your call. If you need a more comprehensive approach to efficiency and optimization, we can help there too! Our team specializes in industrial air pollution control maintenance and fine-tuning. In addition, we carry a large inventory of filters and parts so your not stuck waiting weeks for the manufacturer. Get the replacement filters and parts you need, fast!



Get your facility Certified. We help industrial facilities manage air pollution and emissions efficiently, responsibly, and sustainably. Also, to meet or exceed air quality standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, and the NFPA.

Our experienced team of industrial air pollution control experts can help you navigate the intricacies of state and federal regulations so that your facility meets current standards.


Certified Air Services is the most trusted industrial air pollution control company in Southern California. Browse our reviews on our Google Business Page!


Get the best in air pollution controls. Our experienced professionals can help you find the products and solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers of air pollution control systems. Names like Donaldson-Torit, Parker, United Air Specialists.

Whether you need a super-efficient SmogHog to collect mist and smoke, fire protection solutions to meet current NFPA standards, or a dust collector to keep your air clean, contact us today.